The Learning World of Oville

This fully interactive living cartoon, geared for children ages 2-5, offers educational stories, games, animation, music and most importantly incidental learning.

Our Mission

Made by parents, for parents. Oville World provides a truly safe, immersive world for children to learn, play and grow.

Oville appears to be a place to play but every activity has a learning component that in addition to academic skills teaches creative and critical thinking. Education is more than reading and writing. For our demographic it includes life skills, learning to wash hands and brush their teeth, respecting parents, living a kind and caring life and more. Through animated cut scenes, valuable lessons will be shared with our young audience.

It is guaranteed 100% safe and custom designed for early childhood learners.

We will not sell to your children from inside Oville World, nor are there any links to any payment gateways.

A constant addition of new activities and new areas opening will keep the children coming back for several years.

The Learning World of Oville is operated by International Digital Education Access (I.DE.A.) I.D.E.A’s core purpose is to advance education through digital technologies. To further this goal we acquired the Learning World of Oville, and have created the web’s only learning cartoon world for young children.

The company’s first curriculum based program, Master Hoobee’s English Language Class launched to an excited audience in Asia.

I.D.E.A is passionate about creating safe, age appropriate ethical products to teach children at home.

In addition to the best method of teaching academics to young children, our digital platforms also offer solutions to many of today’s childhood issues including worries like bullying, study habits, online safety and obesity.

Our Vision

At Oville World, we strive to be the leading provider in educational entertainment for children, by creating a truly safe space for children around the world to learn, play and grow. We at Oville World hope to restore innocence in childhood entertainment by providing the world’s safest, most immersive educational platform.